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Pete Brown - The Shadow Club

Pete Brown - The Shadow Club

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Pete Brown is the co-writer of Cream’s biggest hits “Sunshine Of Your Love”, “Politican” and “White Room”. Pete has put together an incredible album with his legendary friends featuring Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, Clem Clemson from Humble Pie, Arthur Brown, and many more.

Iconic, and brilliant, is mentioned in the music business when Pete Brown’s name is brought up because he is the true lyricist of our time.

• Limited Edition first pressing on natural transparent vinyl


1. Psychological Dog
2. The Shadow Club
3. The Sound of a Drum
4. Whenever I Try to Sell Out
5. No, You Can’t Have that Money 6. It’s a Long Road Brother
7. Phantom Cheer
8. With My Black Cat by My Side 9. Everything You Said *
10. Whodunnit *

* CD Only Bonus Tracks


CD UPC: 810137040127

Catalog Number: FLAT 2005 (LP) / FLAT 2005 CD

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